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Marriage Counselling
It helps people to evaluate, explore and clarify feelings. It helps people to communicate better verbally and emotionally.
Divorce Counselling
helps those people who are in the decision making phase of divorce. It helps in assessing their needs, strengths and shortcomings and thus facilitates to arrive at a satisfactory decision.

is a process whereby trained counsellor helps married couples to resolve problems that arise and trouble them in their relationship, the husband and wife are seen by the same counsellor in separate or joint counselling sessions that focus on immediate family problems.

is a process that involves family members beyond the nuclear family, who are closely associated with it and affect it. It helps to resolve issues like Domestic Violence, Parent-child Relationship, Disobeying Parents, Temper Outbursts, Child Misbehaviour, Conduct Disorder Problems, Quality Time, and Handling Teenagers

is a process in which only one person participates in counselling and the focus is on the individual patient.It helps to overcome Anger, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, Shyness, Insomnia, Inferiority Complex, Psychosomatic Problems, Tension Headaches, Lack of Concentration and Motivation.

Welcome to our Bye Tense

All of us go through tough times. Just like joy, sorrows & problems are a natural part of life & have to faced & dealt with. Mostly we manage to cope, but sometimes we can’t handle/control, or just don’t know how to deal with.

At this time, speaking to someone helps and we usually talks to family members or friends. But sometimes, we worry we may not be listened to, understood or that our concerns may be dismissed. We may also fear that our confidence could be betrayed or that way may be judged.

If you are unhappy, troubled, betrayed, longing to be heard accepted and helped.

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Specialty Service Highlights

Byetense provides online, telephonic and face to face counselling services regarding following areas:


Individual counselling includes problems like depression, anxiety, fear, insecurities, insomnia, shyness, loneliness, inferiority complex, self esteem, suicidal tendencies, lack of concentration, lack of motivation, insomnia, lack of confidence, stress management, anger management, emotional problems, behavioral problems, traumatic past-experiences, personality problems, personality development and life-style, excessive drinking and smoking etc.


Marriage Counselling / Post-marriage Counselling /Couple Counselling includes problems like frequent quarrels, adjustment issues, parental inteference, dowry, emotional blackmailing, sexual abuse, domestic voilence, emotional and mental torture, in-laws problem, personality issues, trust, respect, communication, infidelity, performance anxiety, sexual relationships.


Family Counselling includes problems like domestic voilence, adjustment issues, personality issues, parent-child relationship, family therapy for managing psychiatric patients.


Relationship Counselling/Pre-marital Counselling includes problems of frequent quarrels, break- up, trust, understanding, possessiveness in love, friendship, live-in, lesbians and gay relationship.


Divorce Counselling includes problems like how to stop divorce, indecisiveness (to stay married or to divorce), how to end seperation, adjustment to single hood, overcome past-relationships, problems with childeren, how to raise children as single parent, remarriage, care of step children as your own.


Work realted problems like stress at work place, sexual harrassment at work place, job and business related issues, work-life balance, carrer growth and Performance, relationship with boss and colleagues, time management, fear of speaking in meetings.


Psychotherapy includes psychiatric disorders like generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), phobhias, schizophrenia, mood disorder, bipolar personality affective disorders (BPAD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Psychometric Tests:

A variety of Psychometric test are used to assess or evaluate various personality traits or characteristics of an individual. If you or your loved one is facing problem in any of the above mentioned areas, you just call us at +91-9711011474.