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Aristotle said, “Anybody can be angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy”.

Anger is the route cause of wars, the disrupter of human kindness, and the toxin that poisons our love relationships. On the other hand, it also gives us the energy to battle for a cause, to defend ourselves, and to protect those we cherish.

Anger can be a subjective reaction to threat. One may feel as strong frustration while another may find it a tolerable annoyance.Interpretation of a situation depends upon our previous experience with it and what meaning we attach to it.

Anger is paradoxical as well as an energizer.

Anger creates the feeling of power and can be expressed in two ways – Intellectually and Emotionally.

Anger blocks learning : One should never answer a letter when one’s angry.

Anger can cause regression like going into a rage, creating a disturbance, raising their voice, throwing something or sulking.

Anger can be self-destructive.

Anger is a problem when it arises – a) Too frequently and easily in different situations. b) Too intense where we overreact to minor frustrations and disturbances. c) lasts too long. d) leads to destructiveness. e) It weakens healthy relationships.

Psychotechniques For Handling Anger :

Before using any technique; study your anger by keeping a diary of incident that cause it.

Reverse role play with the help of an Counselor

Relaxation psychotechnique

Physical activity

Ventilation- Drain off anger.

Creative activity

Imaginary letter-writting

Time-out: Withdraw yourself.

Myths Regarding Anger :  (source – Robert E. Alberti)

Venting (by yelling, pounding pillows) “releases” anger and therefore “deals with” it.

Women get less angry than men.

Some people never get angry.

Anger always results from frustration.

Aggressive behavior is a sure sign of an “angry person”.

TV violence, active sports, and/or competitive work “releases” anger.