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Marriage Relationship
Posted by Admin

Marriage is a complex relationship.  For some people marriage is the greatest challange of all or for other marriage is learning to rear another generation. Napier said that marriage involves learning to allocte power seprate or together, learning to play and to work together. The important ingredients in the marrriage are:


Commitment : Commitment in the marriage means the degree to which a person intends to remain in the marital relationship. It is providing personal, moral and structural reasons for staying married. It is central to marital stability and success. it is different from attachment. Attachment involves the symbolic bonds that emerge between two persons because of shared beliefs, values, meaning and identity. One can be strongly attached to being married without being emotionally and faithfully committed to one’s partner. For example A man is bound to marriage by the security and social status of having a wife and children while maintaining a mistress on the side with whom he shares an emotionally meaningful relationship.


Caring : Caring in marriage is the kind of emotional attachment that ties the partner together.


Communication : Communication is a tool for effectuating the relationship and working on strengthening it.  is the ability to share meanings verbally and non-verbally.


Expectations : There are three levels of expectations in marriage. (a) Conscious and Verbalized, (b) Conscious but not verbalized, or (c) Outside awareness level.


Handling Conflict : A lasting marriage results from a couple’s ability to resolve the conflicts, disagreements and hurts that are inevitable in any intimate and lasting relationship.