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individual Counselling

Individual Counselling is in which only one person participates in counselling and the focus is on the individual patient.

The counsellor is responsible to the individual and understands oneself as a unique individual.

The counsellor relates present material to past experiences of the patient.

Dreams and fantasies are more or less used as the content of treatment in individual counselling.

The cure of the individual is the treatment goal of Individual Counselling.

It helps to overcome Anger, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, Shyness, Drug Abuse, Overeating, Insomnia, Alcoholism, Excessive Smoking, Inferiority Complex, Psychosomatic Problems, Tension Headaches, Lack of Concentration and Motivation.

Individual Counselling for Work Life Balance helps to handle stress at Work Place, Relationship with Boss and Colleagues, Career Growth and Performance Concerns, Harassment at Work Place, Fear of Speaking in Meetings.

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