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Modes of Counselling/Psychotherapy

1. Online Counselling/Psychotherapy


  • Write to a counsellor/therapist online. Fix an appointment for appointment for voice/video chat with us.  One of the professional counsellors/therapists will reply within 48 hours. (on weekends 72 hours).


2. Phone Counselling / Psychotherapy


  • Talk to a professional counsellor/therapist over telephone by fixing a prior appointment. Call Now at : +91-11-26567644, +91-9711011474, +91-9312730331


3. Face to Face Counselling / Psychotherapy


  • Meet in person at our premises by fixing a prior appointment. Face-to-Face Counselling / Psychotherapy Services are currently available at DELHI.


  • Instructions : We would appreciate, in case, if come to our office with a prior fixed appointment. In order to have an appointment please write full details at the link contact us mentioning your name and telephone number.

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